OSI Industries Is An Industry Unto Itself

Are you familiar with the foodservice industry? Have you ever heard of a company named OSI Industries? Well, this company has been setting newer and better trends in the foodservice industry. It would be extremely hard trying to find a more efficient foodservice provider than this. This company has over 65 high-tech facilities worldwide, and these facilities are located in 17 different countries. What countries actually hosts the facilities?

  • Germany
  • Canada
  • China
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Poland
  • Brazil
  • Ukraine
  • The United Kingdom
  • And more

Of course, this short list only scratches the surface and there are many more that aren’t listed. One of the biggest reasons for the company’s success comes from great leadership. CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavin has taken this company straight to the top of the ranks. On February 20, 2016, Lavin was presented with the Global Visionary Award at the prestigious Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry. This award represents perseverance and dedication for turning a dream into a reality. This notion rings true on all levels because OSI Industries was once a domestic food provider. The company has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade.

In 2011, OSI Industries brought in $3 billion in revenue and the affluent Forbes list ranked the company as the 136th largest privately held company in the nation. To add a bit of insult to injury, this company was ranked by Forbes as the 58th largest company in 2014, and it brought in over $6.1 billion. So, what does OSI have to offer? This company is the epitome of concept-to-table solutions. It has extensive capabilities thanks to its remarkable global food supply chain. If custom-foods is your thing, OSI Group will work directly with the client to come-up with the best possible food solution. Culinary innovation centers, test kitchens and pilot plants are the weapons of choice. With so much capability and infrastructure, this extraordinary food provider won’t be going out of business anytime soon.

San Diego Calls on Dr. Mark Mofid for Self-improvement

When the stress of life has taken its toll on the residents of San Diego and La Jolla, they have a champion who can help them recover their good looks. Dr. Mark Mofid, a Harvard and John Hopkins educated physician, is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Mark Mofid is also a member of the clinical faculty of the University of California San Diego Division. Furthermore, the doctor is a diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

When you need work done Doctor Mark Mofid, and his highly professional staff will treat you with care. They go the extra mile to ensure that the result you get is the result you want. Noting that each patient is a unique individual with their reasons for seeking treatment. Before beginning a therapy plan, Dr. Mofid will carefully evaluate the patient to reach an understanding of their goals and purposes for wanting plastic surgery.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s dedication to providing first-class treatment to his valued patients is apparent upon stepping into his modern state-of-the-art office in La Jolla. The doctor is noted for both his technical and artistic techniques. His talents have produced beautiful natural looking results for his patients. Earning him their appreciation and the acclaim of his colleagues.

When it is time to look for a plastic surgeon, you want a doctor who has gone through an accredited training program such as Dr.Mofid has. He is an experienced surgeon who has managed numerous cases. Practically every type of procedure you can name: rhinoplasty, breast reduction, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuctions, and more – the doctor has performed these numerous times.

Also, you want a doctor with a warm, caring nature such as his. With Dr. Mark Mofid turning back the hands of time is nothing to fear. He is the kind of doctor who will reassure you from your initial consultation to your final reveal.

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Mike Baur Lists Three Approaches Startups Need To Take

Mike Baur realized a few years ago that the status quo in Switzerland’s economy was never going to stay the same, so he decided he could be one of the first to bring together elements of the old banking with seeding brand new businesses. He is one of several founders of the Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich which not only invests in startups themselves, but uses a variety of coaching approaches to eliminate flaws in the startups. The SSUF does provide an effective incubator for startups, but Baur also advises that it’s no substitute for the approach that business owners have to take themselves.


There are three approaches Mike Baur says business owners should follow when getting a business off the ground. The first is that every part of starting up a business is going to take legwork from forming the legwork to its launch, and everything in between from forming a team of its leaders and meeting with investors is going to be up to you. The second is that every startup has to be ready for change. Every time one business disrupts its industry, another is sure to be right behind it, and this means every new business formed should be adaptable to these situations. And thirdly, you cannot be afraid to fail with your business because it is a similar process to taking the training wheels off a bike.


Mike Baur spent over 20 years in banking before building the business startup accelerator. He was an intern at UBS Bank, one of Switzerland’s big banks starting at age 16. He had come a long way to become a key advisor and account manager at this bank and managed the funds of several wealthy individuals. Baur might have stayed in banking until retirement had the 2008 crisis not brought changes to banking that Baur didn’t like. Baur unexpectedly quit his banking career in 2014 because he knew his knew plan to form a startup investment company now had a chance with the tech revolution making its way to Switzerland.


It was Max Meister and the Red Bull Media executives who Mike Baur met who were captivated by his plan to form an accelerator, and it was Goldback Group that became the SSUF’s main sponsor. What Baur ended up doing was running a three-month course that vetted entrants to the SSUF, and if they lasted through the testing phase, the SSUF’s network of investors then could decide whether or not they wanted to fund them. The SSUF also has an office space program that gives their startups several months free as their business gets running.


Ecommerce Personalization and Ecommece Trends

Ecommerce stores can be very profitable ventures for store owners who know how to operate these businesses. However, before an ecommerce store owner launches their new store online, it is essential that they research the best ways to market their products and services to their audiences. Since the trends in marketing have changed greatly within the last decade, new aspiring ecommerce owners are expected to choose the most effective ways to promote their products, especially if they are going to compete aggressively with their competition. In fact, a big part of the trends in today’s ecommerce industries involves buying the right types of software applications to build an ecommerce personalization merchandising strategy. Specifically, a personalization merchandising strategy that will increase conversion rates for the new site.

To ensure these marketing campaigns have been designed with the best approach, here are 2 things that the top in the industry is using on their site’s today.

Advanced Features and Capabilities

When a developer or designer creates a new site today, they are usually looking for the most advanced features and capabilities that can be used. For instance, online merchandisers are using software applications that make it easy to scale down their products to a few select few within minutes of the customer’s search. With this technology, the information that is identified can be used to present shoppers with a personalized shopping experience. To that end, with these advanced searches, retailers are able to give the shopper a personalized merchandising message that will lead them to the products and services that they want and prefer as individuals.

Personalization Merchandising Messages and Home Pages

It is not uncommon for a shopper to navigate their way from one site to another when they are looking for specific products and services. Even though the navigation away from these sites, may appear to be lost opportunities for some, this is not always the case. Especially, since the information that an individual view can be used at a later time to recommend a product or service that will fit a specific need. For instance, retailers are now using the home page to recommend different products to an individual. To make sure the individual also has an added incentive to make their purchases, they may also be presented with certain discounts on the homepage. These discounts are often a win-win for both the customer and the merchant since it helps the customer to make a decision quickly so that they do not lose the opportunity to save more on their purchase. Read more about Sentient at crunchbase.com.

Who Is Rodrigo Terpins And Why Does It Matter?

Rally driver and businessman Rodrigo Terpins is becoming an international household name and he’s why:

Rodrigo Terpins is currently 41 years old but has accomplished more than most people in their 70s. Rodrigo Terpins can be seen driver a MEM Motorsports T-Rex, he is a regular participant of Prototype TI group. Rodrigo placed 8th in the 22nd sertoes rally. He also paricipated in the Bull Sertoes Rally finishing with his partner Fabricio Manchiana in just 58 minutes and 9 seconds, gaining the rank of 6th place. Rodrigo even competes in international evens, in 2011 Rodrigo participated in the Mitsubishi Cup Championship Terpins also has experience in sales. This article will provide the reading with some background information on the life of Rodrigo Terpins.

Rodrigo Terpins is said to get his competitive edge from his father. Terpin’s father was an engineer, basket ball player and sports team leader. The talent and drive must run in the family because even today, Rodrigo is not alone in the pursuit of this passion. Both Rodrigo and his brother Michae Terpins are world renowned rally drivers. The Rodrigo Brothers are known to participate as teammates Prototype TI races which are some of Brazil’s largest and most challenging off roading events. The rally covers over 1600 miles, spanning over 2 different states.

Terpins was previously employed as Director of Operations of Marisa SA, which is a Brazillian fashion chain store operating out of Sao Paulo that primarily focuses on woman’s clothing, reveals agenciaoglobo.com. Rodrigo Terpins had a leadership role in this company as head of strategic planning and e-commerce.

Although Rodrigo has accomplished many accolades projections for his career are very positive. Rodrigo’s peers only expect him to improve and attract more fans. Rodrigo’s next race is in Mato Grosso, it is going to be covering over two thousand miles and hundreds of spectators are expected to show up.

MB2 Dental for Better Dental Management Options

As a dentist, you want to provide a great experience for your patients. The problem with running a dental practice is that there is a lot involved. Not only do you have a busy and hectic schedule, but you’re dealing with insurance forms, payments, marketing online and advertising your business to gain more clientele. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or are finding that your practice is not doing as good as it should be, a company known as MB2 Dental will help you to realize your true potential.

MB2 Dental is based out of Texas and has been working with 80 different dental affiliates throughout the country. Their goal is to work directly with you and your practice to encourage better operation. What sets MB2 Dental apart from so many other business advisory companies out there is that it’s owned by successful dentists. This means that you’re getting specialized attention from experts who know how the business works and what’s going to help you grow. This company will work in a variety of different ways. To begin, they will take a look at what is causing your company to decline in performance and revenue. Once they have found the issue, they will work to improve services and increase client flow. This not only involved improving marketing and advertising, but also the way that you’re running and operating as a dental provider.

They will then be able to fully manage your dental practice for you if you are unable to do this on your own. Many dentists are simply too busy to manage their own practices. If you see multiple clients a day, you probably don’t have the extra time in your schedule to deal with marketing, insurance claims and internet-based advertising. This is when it’s time to look for the professionals to do the work for you. MB2 Dental has been backed by dental professionals for many years, and they have been in the dental management field for well over a decade now. Their rich history within the industry and the large number of dentists they’re currently working with right now makes them a prime solution for all of your business issues. It’s easier, better and more profitable to leave the management work to a team of experts who do this for a living. Be sure to contact MB2 Dental either by phone or email, and check out their site for additional information.

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The Atmosphere That Dr. Chris Villanueva Established At His Company

Dental practice management companies are generally very staid. They’re formal and dull, both for the employees themselves and those they interact with. Dr. Chris Villanueva wanted to create a new version of a dental practice management firm which had more of a lively, younger atmosphere to it. The company would be very effective at what they do but he wanted his employees and clients to also have more fun while doing their jobs. The result was MB2 Dental Solutions, a company he established in Carrolton, Texas.

Another basic thing that he wanted to create at MB2 Dental Solutions was an atmosphere that encouraged the dentists they work with to network more often. When dentists exchange information with their peers they both learn better ways of doing things but the patients also benefit from having better dentists. Since Dr. Chris Villanueva founded the company with the big idea being, “Patients before profits”, and helping dentists network goes right into this idea.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Chris Villanueva had both owned his own practice and had worked in a corporate setting. He saw firsthand what the benefits and negatives were of each type of dental practice. He decided his company would bring the benefits of a corporate setting to those who operate their own practices. How his company works is that MB2 Dental Solutions and the dentists they affiliate with basically go into business with one another. Both profit from this arrangement while the individual dentists have 100% clinical autonomy.

Many dentists have specialties, such as pediatrics and orthodontists. Dr. Chris Villanueva says that helping dentists network they help their patients. They may not have skill in a particular specialty, for instance, but through their network they know another dentist that does. He says this is another way that his company helps patients receive outstanding care.

Also going into the idea of dentists networking, every year Dr. Chris Villanueva sets up a couple of retreats. The team at MB2 Dental solutions and the practice owners set off to a random location where they get to have fun together. One of these past excursions, for example, involved white-water rafting. Another trip was to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico where everyone and their families got to have a lot of fun on the beaches and other types of activities to do.

What Jason Hope Feels About Anti Aging Research

Jason Hope is certainly one of the most ambitious futurists out there and we can see this with his work in Arizona. Jason Hope‘s made an entire industry in a state that had none. Now, he wants to focus his energy on fighting aging and bringing about an entirely new way of thinking about it. He is putting his weight behind the SENS Institute and their effort to eradicate aging from human existence. Unlike current thinking they don’t believe aging is a natural part of life. They see it as a disease we can cure like any other disease out there.

The SENS Institute is conducting some of the most important research there is out there, but many people simply aren’t aware of this. Jason Hope wants to bring more attention to it and help people better understand the impact it will have. His futurism hasn’t failed in the past and it isn’t likely he’s going to be wrong now. He understands where technology is going to go because he’s spent a good portion of his life trying to understand it and what it entails for everyone. His interest in anti aging research is a natural extension of that sort of practice.

Jason Hope has built a name for himself through his constant efforts to make technology an important part of the economy of Arizona. You can now look throughout the state and see how he has left his mark. His million dollar company is one of the most important in the state and it’s changing the way people think about Phoenix and surrounding locales. He has left his impact in a way that many people will likely only appreciate fully when he is retired. Tech entrepreneurs affect our lives in ways most people have never even thought about more than once.

SENS Institute has certainly cut out a lofty goal for themselves, but they understand how to accomplish it. It won’t happen overnight and it’s going to take many tries before they finally manage to succeed. Regardless, people are going to appreciate what they have to offer and what they present. It’s going to change the way we combat disease and what it means to grow old. We think of getting older as a source of pain and hardship, but this doesn’t have to be. Jason Hope believes there’s so much more we can have and he wants to be part of it.

Betsy DeVos Showcases Skills as Political Fighter.

When it comes to national positions in Washington D.C., few of them are as coveted as the Secretary of Education gig. This is particularly true for people who have spent their lives focusing on reforming education and bringing about change for the future of our nation’s youth. Betsy DeVos, former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, was nominated and summarily confirmed in the first year of President Trump’s administration. DeVos didn’t make it into her post without controversy, at times struggling during her hearing, but those who have written her off already may be doing themselves a disservice. Since taking her post, DeVos has made it clear as day that she is a political fighter through-and-through.


For these national posts, the decision to hire an outsider would have raised an eyebrow in any other administration in United States political history. However, the vocal and brash Donald Trump campaigned on taking power away from lifelong politicians (‘Drain the swamp!’) and putting it into the hands of people who wouldn’t ever have gotten a chance otherwise. DeVos comes into the position looking to bring about huge reformation and she’ll have the support of President Trump at her back. Still, that doesn’t mean that things are going to be easy — but things have never been easy for DeVos and that is how she likes it.


When Betsy DeVos was coming up in Michigan’s Republican party, she found that people took her soft-speaking and calm demeanor as a sign of weakness. This, however, quickly proved not to be the case. DeVos is anything but meek and one-on-one meetings with the new Secretary of Education has proven that in spades. Mike Cox, a former state AG and committed Republican, said that he found Betsy DeVos to be “determined” and “steely” whenever she set her sights on a certain goal. He also said that she had the tendency to intimidate people in ways that had nothing to do with her massive fortune. These words of praise were echoed even by those on the other side of the political divide. Members of the most prominent teacher’s unions have also echoed the sentiment of Cox. Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers pointed out, “She comes across as personable” before saying, “But she is dangerous.”


Betsy Devos was born and raised in Holland, MI and it was there that she formed her lifelong outlook on school, faith, family, and politics. DeVos knows that she is not part of the establishment but she also is aware that she is not going to be a hack for whatever the party wants her to do (https://www.nccivitas.org/civitas-review/devos-hits-home-run-Harvard/). DeVos has already made it clear that she is in politics in order to pursue what she believes in, so there is the expectation that she will, at times, butt heads with leadership like Donald Trump or Jeff Sessions — something that already happened surrounding Trump’s controversial transgendered bathroom bill this past year.


Tony Petrello Loves To Help, As Evidence Suggests

Natural disasters, as their name implies, can’t be stopped, and occur naturally on a semi-regular basis. While they can be predicted to a certain degree, it’s difficult to predict the paths of some expected storms, namely hurricanes.

This inability to predict where natural disasters will actually strike makes it just about impossible to safeguard areas of the world that end up getting hit the hardest by such storms, earthquakes, and other detrimental phenomena refereed by Mother Nature.

As everyone with eyes or ears knows by now, Hurricane Harvey hit the United States mainland about six months ago. Once the end of the natural disaster passed, some areas of Houston – Houston was hit harder than anywhere else in the entire United States, along with most regions of Southeastern and Eastern Texas, as well as parts of Louisiana – were left standing in multiple feet of water.

Fortunately for those affected by Hurricane Harvey, many people showed support and reached out to help in just about every feasible fashion that was reasonably possible.

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So, who helped, and how?

Millions Of People Donated And Volunteered Their Time, But Some Business Entities Were Proven To Help More Than Others

Nabors Industries was one of the business entities that helped more than others. Rather than getting in the way of volunteer’s building efforts, Nabors Industries and Tony Petrello first researched the best ways to provide aid, and stuck to the script, rather than deviating from such plans in the name of taking actions that wouldn’t actually lend themselves to contributing positively to areas struck by Hurricane Harvey.

CEO Tony Petrello told the company that he, personally, would be contributing a dollar amount to local charities and related entities that matched the total dollar value of what all employees donated.

You Wouldn’t Believe How Much Money Nabors Industries Managed To Save – Oh, And How Much Tony Petrello Managed To Help

As time has proven thus far, Mr. Tony Petrello helped the people of Houston that were affected by such discourse of natural proportions through providing local, reputable community service organizations with the $173,622 – or parts of it, as it was delegated to multiple organizations throughout the area to eventually be dished out in the form of financial aid – employees had raised all on their own, with no help from any outside sources whatsoever, and the equal $173,622 match made by Tony Petrello.

Anthony Petrello has an extensive profile that always focuses on the idea of helping other people. He graduated from Yale and Harvard with an MD, BS and JD. He worked for a law firm as a lawyer before he came to Nabors, and he is a director at a Texas Children’s Hospital.

Search more about Anthony Petrello: http://blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2014/05/27/why-nabors-ceo-wont-top-best-paid-bosses-list-again-in-2014/