Alexei Puts His Many Talents To Use For Fellow Russian Citizens

Russian philanthropist and entrepreneur, Alexei Beltyukov has accomplished many things since attending INSEAD business school and receiving his MBA in 1997. He is founder and CEO of Endemic Capital, where Russian citizens can go for financial advisory services. Beltyukov is also founder of New Gas Technologies, and serves as vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation as well as heading an investment club.

After all of the above, he still finds time to act as an observer on the FORO Energy Enterprise Board of Directors. He is indeed a very busy man with the drive and intelligence to do well for himself and others. As a leading philanthropist, he has been responsible for the creation of many different organization where helping other Russians attend business school or start a business is the goal.

According to All Business, Alexei Beltyukov values education and uses his skills to make it possible for every Russian to have the same chance for learning. He is the Chief Operating Officer of Solvoy, an online educational system with the goal of helping high school students excel in math. holds the record for one of the most successful start-ups in its category, and is now a common online assignment for high school students. By offering various ways of solving math problems in the real world, the software allows for different approaches, as long as they all arrive at the same answer. Online classes make monitoring a students true progress much easier for educators, and gives students a chance to expand their problem solving skills.

Beltyukov says Solvoy will make it easier for teachers to spot areas a student may be struggling in and customize help for that particular person. This unique approach to math and increasing student comprehension could turn out to be Alexei Beltyukov’s finest contribution to date in benefitting the Russian education system.

Past, Present and Future Innovations of Technology and Fashion

Chris Burch has a keen sense when it comes to investing in companies that show promise of becoming real winners. His insight comes from his ideas of what works and what does not work. He has learned his trade through trial and error over the course of his lifetime. He has overcome personal obstacles since childhood that have sharpened his eye and edge into how to spot the potential of a company.
He also researches and studies both the past and present to surmise to the value a company its overall potential to tap into its creativity and therefore, estimate its growth.
Within the last thirty years, technology has advanced to an individual level, with newer and faster cell phones that can multitask on so many different levels. Personal computers that are condensed to the size of a wrist watch that will not only give the wearer a stylish look but add to physical fitness, a daily task list, and an advanced address book of both personal and business contacts.
Chris Burch created an investment group or company that clients can approach him with their ideas, and he can assess the situation from a different perspective so the customer is able to understand what options his or her idea has in today’s ever-changing market. If Mr. Burch or other possible investors see the growth merit in an existing company or perhaps one that is just an idea, then they give someone a chance at becoming an entrepreneur that where they would be their boss while still offering the public a valuable service that will grow and move forward with time.

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