Aloha Construction Provides Exemplary Roofing Services

Aloha Construction is helping people all over Illinois whose homes have been damaged in the recent storms. Many of the homes suffered damage to their roofS and sides due to the extremely high winds and hail. Aloha Construction is able to help these people and they are also providing them with consultations that they can determine what needs to be fixed. Aloha Construction now has plans for more expansion and will soon be opening an interior restoration option to their building services. This launch with occur in May and it will allow Aloha Construction to be able to provide their clients with the best home building expertise in the area.


The President and Chief Executive Officer of Aloha Construction, David Farbaky, announced that the company was able to accomplish 20,000 services in just one year. They have been able to achieve such great success by staying to their promise and bringing the best care and service each of their clients. They are able to build and repair beautiful homes and work with their clients to make sure they are both on the same page. They are also focused on making sure the homes that they build are safe and structurally sound.


Aloha Construction provides services that include attic and basement remodeling, innovative design techniques, and the installation of the backsplash. Aloha Construction will be released the Aloha Builds Network soon and this branch will specialize in working on the interiors of homes such as the bathroom and kitchen. They will also provide service to people whose homes have sustained damage due to weather or natural circumstances.


Aloha Construction received an A+ BBB rating and each project they do cost an average of $11,000. This low price is achieved because they provide each client with the best options while still bringing them high-quality service.

Kim Dao’s Evening Routine In JAPAN

Expert fashion, makeup, and travel blogger Kim Dao shares her nightly routine while in Japan. Learn more:


Typically when she gets in Kim Dao relaxes and play on her iPhone. She then jumps on her laptop to return emails and comments for hours. Learn more:


She then watches videos while taking a snack break. This night she watched Attack on Titan while munching on ice cream.


Kim Dao’s Makeup Removal:

*Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Tissue to remove her eye makeup

*Manara hot cleansing gel to remove the rest of her makeup


She jumps in the shower and uses treatments on her hair. While blow drying she applies treatments oils again.


She then microwaves her dinner from seven eleven and eats while watching videos. This is her favorite part of the day. Learn more:


After dinner, she continues editing for hours until she gets hungry and then she snack. Tonight she is snacking on an onigiri (rice ball).


She relaxes a for a few hours before brushing her teeth.


Kim Dao’s Nightly Skin Care Routine:

* Toner

* Essence

* Emulsion

* Moisturizer

* Sleeping Pack


She wears special knee high socks that help with blood circulation in her legs since she walks around Japan a lot. Learn more:


She spends about an hour on her phone playing around.


Occasionally she uses eye masks heat up when you place them on your eyes. They make her sleep like a baby. Learn more:


This is Kim Dao nightly routine while in Japan check out her video:

Evening Routine in JAPAN | My Night Routine


Neogama and Alexandre Gama Tame Lions

Alexandre Gama is an advertising and Brazilian businessman. As a graduate in advertising and propaganda Alexandre started his own advertising agency in Brazil known as Neogama. His agency is one of the 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil.

Neogama was founded in 1999 grew large in its first 3 years. By 2002 Neogama had an association with BBH, a London branch which helped to form the now called Neogama/BBH. Some noteworthy awards for the agency is winning two Golden Lions in Cannes within the same year in two main categories, Press and Film. In 2016 Alexandre Gama decided to disconnect Neogama from the BBH network and dedicate it to the agency in Brazil.


Why Tammy Mazzocco Is Winning Ohio’s Real Estate Market

The Story Behind Tammy Mazzocco’s Success In Real Estate

Preparations for Tammy Mazzocco’s success began years prior to becoming a licensed realtor as she steadily endeavored with The Edwards Realty Company as their finest secretary. After years of being surrounded by business like-minded colleagues, Tammy Mazzocco received her realtor’s license in 1995 by the persistent suggestions of her supervisor, Ken Cook. Only 3 years later she became a personal assistant for the leading RE/MAX producer, Joe Armeni. As one can imagine, his business skills and dynamic enterprise strategies brushed heavily off onto Mazzocco. For the past 17 years, Mazzocco has been selling residential real estate in locations all throughout Central Ohio: Delaware, Franklin, Fairfield, and Licking county.

What Makes Tammy Mazzocco Distinct From Other Realtors

If her prominent success and experience in the market is not a strong enough persuasion for you to choose her as your next personal realtor, and then glance attention to the remarks her customers have left on her. On Trulia, Johnsonspix wrote about Mazzocco stating, “Tammy was very helpful through the entire process. If I had any questions, she knew the answers. She worked very hard on my behalf, which I appreciated so much! She cares about others, that is for sure!! I would recommend her and her remax team to anyone.” A matter a fact all the reviews given on Mazzocco are positive and extremely informative on her character and pledge to serve her customers. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Tammy Mazzocco Stuns Ohio’s Real Estate Market

Along with the fantastic national-recognized state schools, low cost of living, and well-paying jobs, Ohio has much to offer when it comes to real estate and an attractive bargain to sell homes. The Ohio real estate market has been on an increase for the past few years now; Mazzocco received the privilege as an occasion to benefit the pockets of homeowners rather than her own. Recently Mazzocco shocked the real estate market by helping homeowners take advantage of new flowing opportunities the economy shot forward. Through this overflow of opportunity Mazzocco was able to hook client’s attention in a fashion where she ultimately treats them like family.

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Cotemar – High-Performance Company Offering Maintenance, Support, and Engineering Services to Offshore Oil Fields

Cotemar is one of the leading companies in the sector of oil and maritime in Mexico and has been operating since 1979. Cotemar provides a comprehensive range of services in the field, which includes infrastructure development, food and accommodation services, oil production support services, small and large scale construction, offshore field maintenance, and more.

For many of the offshore oilfield development projects, Cotemar acts as a support system to ensure that the oil drilling projects continue to move on swiftly as it provides all the ancillary support services.

As one of the leaders in the offshore oil production business in Mexico, the company uses the modern techniques, processes, and technology to ensure that the oil production happens without any interruption.

Moreover, Cotemar has a fleet of advanced maritime vessels that support the offshore oil production operations as well as for providing ancillary support to the shipping industry. The company follows the highest standards in the field of oil production and safety is the company’s prime priority.

One of the biggest clients of Cotemar is Petroleas Mexicanos, which is one of the leading enterprises in the field of oil drilling business in the world. Cotermar has been providing maintenance and support services to Petroleas Mexicanos for many years now and provides support to the company’s offshore fields through three primary divisions.

Cotemar has divided the services offered to Petroleas Mexicanos in three divisions, namely accommodation and food catering, maritime vessels and transport services, and engineering and maintenance. With the help of the Cotemar’s fleet of small transport vessels, it becomes easier to transport food and other essential supplies as well as the personnel to the offshore field regularly as and when needed.

The vessels fleet of Cotemar also includes the specialized functional vehicles, which includes barge boats, fire fighting vessels, towing vessels, and others. Cotemar is known to be a high-performance company and follows a high-performance and result-oriented business model.

The recruitment model at Cotemar is a unique one as it does not use the services of third party recruitment firm, and manages its own recruitment through in-house human resources professionals.

It helps the firm in finding the right talent in the country, who has the necessary experience, expertise, and credentials to perform as per company’s expectations.

Cotemar has specially designed training programs that ensures the new recruits are equipped with the knowledge and skills essential to perform well and carry out tasks with precisions maintaining high standards set by the company over the years.

Doe Deere; a True Unicorn

“Unicorns are people who were born different, are aware of it and proud” at least according to Lime Crime founder Doe Deere who’s ultimate goal for the make-up brand is to see a widespread group of users who are proud to wear the bold, vibrant, and intensely pigmented products.

The origins of Lime Crime began in 2004 as the eBay account name under which Deere sold her self-modeled DIY fashion line. Deere has always been a self-proclaimed “weird kid,” and her fashion needed a bold makeup look to remain on-brand. So, Lime Crime the makeup line was born partly out of necessity as Deere struggled to find the products the New York City native needed. Since it’s founding the brand has developed a majorly influential social media platform with “Instagram trends” with it’s Blue Unicorn Lipstick. The company simply will not produce products they “aren’t obsessed with” on top of being a vegan and cruelty-free certified brand.

With the success of the brand serving as a testament to Deere’s ability, she was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneur by Self-Made magazine. Not surprisingly, Deere is adamant that her morning routine include time in which she focuses on both creativity and being freely herself. In a recent article featured by Savoir Flair Deere gave unprecedented insight into her morning routine.

Deere refuses to set an alarm as she diligently gives herself nine hours of sleep to allow her body to naturally wake up at 8:30 in the morning with a glass of water everyday to keep her skin clear. She begins her morning with stretches to avoid tenseness in her body and a homemade breakfast which she eats while looking out of her kitchen window, considering the day before her. While she does check Instagram and chats with her office staff via an internal chat, Deere avoids indulging in digital content in the morning to help keep the “creative juices” flowing as she brainstorms products for the brand.

After nourishing her body, she begins to nourish her mind as she begins her make-up routine. She often opts for mattifying foundations, red or pink blush tones, and a bold red or pink lipstick. This process may take up to an hour depending on her mood that day, but applying her make-up is always her favorite part of the day as she brings life to her face.

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Rowing Into the Record Books

When you start at Orange Coast College, you can finish anywhere. OCC is the cream of the crop when it comes to community colleges, specifically in the state of California, sending out more transfers to the University of California and California State University than any other community college in the state.

While you may think of community colleges in general as inferior or substandard, that could not be more of a fallacy when it comes to OCC.

This notion is notably true when it comes to athletics. In the last 30 years, Orange Coast College has won the Sports Supremacy Award, going to the top overall athletic program in the conference, 26 times. That comes out to about 87% of the time. Can you say powerhouse?

One sport in which Coast has been known as a dominant force within is rowing. The brutal yet intensely rewarding sport of rowing will start with nearly 80 students signed up at OCC and drop by nearly half by the end of the season. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Rowing is one of the ultimate team sports. If any of the team members are off rhythm with their strokes it can disrupt the entire team, although a disruption of this nature doesn’t happen all that often for the OCC rowing team.

This year they headed back to fight for their 12th national title in school history and back to back titles, where they compete against some of the best 4-year universities around. Still think OCC is inferior?

The Orange Coast College rowing program is elite, and has churned out elite level athletes for years, including Stanford University Men’s Rowing head coach, who called Orange Coast College the springboard he needed academically, athletically, and professionally.

The competition at nationals includes nearly 40 schools, many of them 4-year schools. The opportunity to knock off big schools and compete at nationals year after year is a large reason so many students have an interest in rowing at OCC, including John Kennear who won this year’s “outstanding oarsman of the year” award. Kenner who will row for UCLA next year has said, “There’s a greater sense of satisfaction when you win a race with teamwork,” and that is exactly what OCC plans to do at this year’s nationals.

Read more:

Orange Coast College | Twitter
Orange Coast College | Niche

James Dondero Gives Back to Dallas

Of the many successful individuals who have not only created their own businesses to draw in revenue, but have also created their businesses to help others, one individual in particular stands out to the rest of the individuals due to his success as well as due to his dedication to the Dallas community. This individual is James Dondero, an individual with many titles as well as many awards. James Dondero is not only a businessman, but is also an expert investor, a family man, as well as a philanthropist who has made sure that the community of Dallas has seen the many benefits of his success. James Dondero is a successful investor who co-founded the company that is known as Highland Capital Management which is an investment firm that works hard to tailor investment opportunities to the individuals. At this company, James Dondero and his employees are 100 percent dedicated to the client and always puts them first.


James Dondero and his team at Highland Capital Management are renowned all over the world as a loyal investment firm that only wants to see the clients of the firm succeed within the world of investment. Each opportunity for the clients is specifically tailored to their preferences and an opportunity to diversify their portfolio. Clients of this firm respect James Dondero and respect the fact that the investment opportunities that he provides for his clients not only include some of the highest returns, but also have the least amount of risk so that the clients can feel safe.


As a successful owner of a business, James Dondero is not only dedicated to his company, but is also dedicated to the people and to the community of Dallas. James Dondero has donated millions of dollars to make sure that there is a positive relationship between the Highland Capital Management firm and the community of Dallas. This means that as the firm grows wealthy, so does the community. James Dondero has many more plans for the future of his firm and wants to involve the community of Dallas with his many plans for the future.

Beginning The Journey as an Entrepreneur: Vijay Eswaran of India’s Journey

These days, it is highly likely that one is going to have an online reputation. For those that are just starting out as an entrepreneur, this is a good chance to begin something that is very respectable. All that is needed is for one to think long and hard about the image that he wants to have.

Once he has figured that out, then he has to come up with a plan in order to make sure that his image his protected. One example of a respectable image is someone who is very generous and responsible. One such person is Vijay Eswaran.

Vijay Eswaran has built a company that is based around life improvement. In order to carry that out, he has made sure that every product, service and program is based on bringing improvement to the lives of others. He sells products in his company from many different industries. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

For instance, Vijay sells electronic devices that could be used for education. Other industries he is involved in is health and beauty. One thing that he wants is for people to be healthy and happy. Therefore, he is always willing to teach people about the path to true joy.

One thing that Vijay Eswaran likes to instill in his company is the value of service. He wants his employees to approach their jobs and their lives from the standpoint of what they can do for others.

This is the quickest way to joy and fulfillment. When people meet the needs of others and even go out of their way to make them happy, they are going to feel a sense of achievement.

This is also one of the fastest ways to develop love for people. Vijay has used the principle of service to build and grow his company so that it can reach people who are at a disadvantage.

More History in the Making with George Street Photo and Video

George Street Photo and Video has many locations across the United States and delivers on their clients’ visions.

In Philadelphia, Powel House and Headquarters of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America are both unique, historical landmark venues. Powel House has Georgian architecture, rococo ceilings and a mahogany staircase.

Colonial Dames Headquarters is small but boasts a four-season garden. Built in 1923, the interior is painted in authentic colonial colors, filled with vintage paintings and period antiques.

In Willamette Valley, Oregon, Red Ridge Farms lends itself to gorgeous weddings with a lavender-surrounded garden, hilltop iron pergola beneath an exquisite chandelier or, inside, before a natural stone fireplace with cedar mantle.

The Treasury Ballroom in Portland, dating from the late 1800’s, offers a checkered Italian marble ballroom dance floor, a grand marble staircase, velvet drapes, stained glass and a turn-of-the-century bar. The antique steel vault is great for photos.