Rowing Into the Record Books

When you start at Orange Coast College, you can finish anywhere. OCC is the cream of the crop when it comes to community colleges, specifically in the state of California, sending out more transfers to the University of California and California State University than any other community college in the state.

While you may think of community colleges in general as inferior or substandard, that could not be more of a fallacy when it comes to OCC.

This notion is notably true when it comes to athletics. In the last 30 years, Orange Coast College has won the Sports Supremacy Award, going to the top overall athletic program in the conference, 26 times. That comes out to about 87% of the time. Can you say powerhouse?

One sport in which Coast has been known as a dominant force within is rowing. The brutal yet intensely rewarding sport of rowing will start with nearly 80 students signed up at OCC and drop by nearly half by the end of the season. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Rowing is one of the ultimate team sports. If any of the team members are off rhythm with their strokes it can disrupt the entire team, although a disruption of this nature doesn’t happen all that often for the OCC rowing team.

This year they headed back to fight for their 12th national title in school history and back to back titles, where they compete against some of the best 4-year universities around. Still think OCC is inferior?

The Orange Coast College rowing program is elite, and has churned out elite level athletes for years, including Stanford University Men’s Rowing head coach, who called Orange Coast College the springboard he needed academically, athletically, and professionally.

The competition at nationals includes nearly 40 schools, many of them 4-year schools. The opportunity to knock off big schools and compete at nationals year after year is a large reason so many students have an interest in rowing at OCC, including John Kennear who won this year’s “outstanding oarsman of the year” award. Kenner who will row for UCLA next year has said, “There’s a greater sense of satisfaction when you win a race with teamwork,” and that is exactly what OCC plans to do at this year’s nationals.

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