The chief Editors Oncotarget Mikhail Blagosklonny

Oncotarget publishes journals on oncology on a weekly basis. The research is usually on this field which revolves around topics such as microbiology, pathology, aging and many other areas. The chief editors include Mikhail blagosklonny together with Andrei v. gudkov. It was established in 2010 and it ha s been active to present. A sample of journal published by oncotarget was based on diabetic nephropathy, disease that has affected many individuals and there is a little research that has been carried on it. The disease mainly affects the kidney and is thought the bio indicator of the disease is the long non coding RNA to know more

In order to determine if the above case was true the scientists carried out experiments from tubular proximal cells of mice kidney. After running some tests and some comparisons with coding genes of the RNA they were able to determine that this might have been the case. They also had proved that this scenario may also be true in humans and so they had to do genetic comparisons to ascertain this and sure enough humans too were carriers of these genes. Through publications of such scientific journalist  it has made it easier for researchers to do their work quite easily.

Oncotarget main aim is to continue providing its readers with knowledge and publication weekly. They have made it clear and certain to readers that their journals shall be continuously be published on EMBASE, scopus, pubmed, science citations index together with all other sites that they initially published on. They have just collaborated with the national library to ensure journals are available at Pubmed as early as possible.

Oncotarget has quest to promote easy and fast access to papers and that’s why it has collaborated with various research indexes together with archives to increase the availability of biomedical publications to research scientists. They are now publishing issues, twice in a weekly basis. Due to increase in medical related problem in the resent years especially with cancer oncotarget strives to create the most suitable environment for research scientist and that’s one of the main reason they intend to increase their rate of publication and more