Cotemar – High-Performance Company Offering Maintenance, Support, and Engineering Services to Offshore Oil Fields

Cotemar is one of the leading companies in the sector of oil and maritime in Mexico and has been operating since 1979. Cotemar provides a comprehensive range of services in the field, which includes infrastructure development, food and accommodation services, oil production support services, small and large scale construction, offshore field maintenance, and more.

For many of the offshore oilfield development projects, Cotemar acts as a support system to ensure that the oil drilling projects continue to move on swiftly as it provides all the ancillary support services.

As one of the leaders in the offshore oil production business in Mexico, the company uses the modern techniques, processes, and technology to ensure that the oil production happens without any interruption.

Moreover, Cotemar has a fleet of advanced maritime vessels that support the offshore oil production operations as well as for providing ancillary support to the shipping industry. The company follows the highest standards in the field of oil production and safety is the company’s prime priority.

One of the biggest clients of Cotemar is Petroleas Mexicanos, which is one of the leading enterprises in the field of oil drilling business in the world. Cotermar has been providing maintenance and support services to Petroleas Mexicanos for many years now and provides support to the company’s offshore fields through three primary divisions.

Cotemar has divided the services offered to Petroleas Mexicanos in three divisions, namely accommodation and food catering, maritime vessels and transport services, and engineering and maintenance. With the help of the Cotemar’s fleet of small transport vessels, it becomes easier to transport food and other essential supplies as well as the personnel to the offshore field regularly as and when needed.

The vessels fleet of Cotemar also includes the specialized functional vehicles, which includes barge boats, fire fighting vessels, towing vessels, and others. Cotemar is known to be a high-performance company and follows a high-performance and result-oriented business model.

The recruitment model at Cotemar is a unique one as it does not use the services of third party recruitment firm, and manages its own recruitment through in-house human resources professionals.

It helps the firm in finding the right talent in the country, who has the necessary experience, expertise, and credentials to perform as per company’s expectations.

Cotemar has specially designed training programs that ensures the new recruits are equipped with the knowledge and skills essential to perform well and carry out tasks with precisions maintaining high standards set by the company over the years.