How Jason Hope and the Internet of Things Will Change Our World

Technology is massively improving the ways that we live our lives. This is indisputable. From cell phones to GPS devices all the way to the way our houses even function — technology has made the difference. Jason Hope is a renown futurist, acclaimed author, and a tech entrepreneur who has made a career out of being in the right place at the right time. Right now Jason Hope is planting his flag firmly in the ground where the Internet of Things is rapidly growing. What is the Internet of Things, you may wonder. The Internet of Things is the theory that embraces how technology is overtaking our lives. Eventually we will be interfaced with the internet everywhere else. This is the next great industry, according to Jason Hope.

The Internet of Things, according to Jason Hope, is the next big industry to overtake the tech world. He has gone so far as to say that corporations NEED to be at the forefront when it finally takes off completely. Airlines are one of the big sectors that will utilize the Internet of Things in order to improve their business by making it safer and more satisfactory for customers. From the way baggage will be handled to how all of our in-flight creature comforts are delivered, the Internet of Things will be there.We can look at Virgin Atlantic for a specific example of how the Internet of Things is already changing lives. Virgin Atlantic uses the Internet of Things to monitor every piece of their Boeing 787 airplanes.

The IoT makes sure that these planes are up and running smoothly and safely by feeding a constant stream of data to people monitoring behind the scenes. This is just one way that the Internet of Things is already improving the lives of people — most of which will never even realize it.Jason Hope has been there for a great many innovations in the tech world. Whether he is working as an author and activist for the IoT or merely researching as part of his SENS Foundation, we can rest assured that Hope has his finger on the heartbeat of global technology.