Can Waiakea Water Heal & Prevent?

Figuring out how to stay healthy amidst everyday pollutants is a challenge, but in an effort to making it a bit easier, founder of Waiakea water, Ryan Emmons, is showing us how to accommodate those goals. We start with heart-healthy alkaline water, and add in some prevention strategies to take control of stressors.

The body of a human being is composed of more than 70% water. So it comes as no surprise that we’ve heard the same advice a billion times: drink more water. It’s essential to our metabolism, as well as oxygenating our cells. Yet, water quality is paramount to maintaining our health.

Turns out, we shouldn’t just drink “any” water because some choices are better than most. Waiakea water is a perfectly balanced thirst extinguisher. Zero pollutants and a number of minerals has placed Waiakea in the top 10 requested brands.

BPA-free drinking bottles contain no bisphenol-A, which is a component of hard plasticizers, which are said to release endocrine disrupting hormones into the body.  Up unto a few years ago, BPA was considered completely safe for human consumption, yet many manufacturers like Waiakea water began using a BPA-free plastic that was 100 percent safe for public use.

Even today, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only encourage manufacturers to replace packaging with BPA-free plastics, and the program is completely voluntary. Currently, Waiakea is one of a select few to be honored as a CarbonNeutral® company, using only sustainable recycled BPA-free polyethylene terephthalate.

The Science of Waiakea Water

In a quest to discover the ultimate beverage, Ryan Emmons traveled to Hawaii and bottled the best alkaline water found in volcanic rock that is naturally infused with a bevy of minerals that hydrate the body, better than any other beverage.

Why is Alkaline so important? Alkaline water contains a higher proportion of oxygen, which helps fight against free radicals responsible for the aging of our cells. Research has proven that bacteria and diseases can not survive in an alkaline environment, but they tend to thrive in an acidic environment. Thus, if the pH of your body is not balanced, it is difficult to effectively assimilate vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements.

The growing trend of Waiakea water spotlights just how health-conscious individuals recognize and embrace the true value of Hawaii’s volcanic water.

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