How The Traveling Vineyard Works

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that sells wine through a network of direct salespeople.

The direct salespeople, who are called Wine Guides, host wine tastings in people’s home, serving samples of the wines that The Traveling Vineyard offers. At the end of the tasting, the people at the wine tasting can sign up to have the wines that they want delivered to their homes.

Being a Wine Guide for The Traveling Vineyard has a number of perks. the first is that it gives you a flexible schedule as each Wine Guide schedules their own wine tasting parties. They decide on their own how many wine tastings they will host and when. Another perk, of course, is that it’s a way for Wine Guide’s to earn money. Depending on the Wine Guide it might be something they just do on occasion to bring in some extra money, or it could replace a full-time job and pay quite a bit more. It’s also a fun job as you’re serving and discussing wine with people. Additionally, The Traveling Vineyard holds events a few times a year where Wine Guides can attend and have fun with their fellow colleagues.

When someone decides to pursue this career they submit their interest to The Traveling Vineyard through their website. The person’s contact information is forwarded to the leader of their region who will answer any questions and help them get started. The Traveling Vineyard also offers training on their website which is called The Tasting Room. The training is designed to help people learn about wine and is meant for everyone from complete wine amateurs to those who are pretty familiar with most wines. Once signed up as a Wine Guide they received a Success Kit in the mail which includes everything they need to get started.