Doe Deere: A Rebel In Color

Lime Crime founder Doe Deere has a great story. The cosmetics creator was born in Russia and spent her first 17 years there until she brought herself to New York City. Her initial goal was to become a musician, which is exactly what she did upon arriving in New York. While the musical career didn’t flourish as she may have wished, it taught her valuable lessons in career and marketing. She met her husband in New York, in fact, he was in her band. But it also moved her into the career direction she was ultimately destined to be in.


With an eye for fashion, Doe began a DIY line which she started on eBay as limecrime. She created and modeled her own fashions. Bright colors, though, became her staple, her calling card. She had noticed that bright and unusual colors were hard to find. So she decided to put together her favorite color, lime, with eye shadows, lip sticks and nail polishes so bright and vivid that wearing them could be a crime. Thus, Lime Crime was born. Doe was amazed to see how girls were drawn to the bright and vivid tones. For this reason, Lime Crime became a very profitable company.


But what about make-up, in general, drives Doe? Expression. The ability to express oneself and not worry about judgement. And by looking at the brand, looking at her website and its mission title: Rebellion in Color, one can see Doe’s expressive take. There is nothing gentle about the Lime Crime brand. It is bright, eye-catching and in your face. But it does allow one to fully express themselves and that is a win for Doe.


Doe Deere approaches business with team mentality. Many meetings with her President and VP, meetings with her Creative Director, all with one goal. Togetherness. Making sure all are on the same page with the same vision. So far her model has worked great for Lime Crime. Treating her clients and vendors, as well as employees, with love and respect has also been a winning factor in her success.


The sky truly is the limit for Doe Deere and her Lime Crime product. With her wonderful approach to business and those around her, to her terrific product, Lime Crime looks to continue its upward trend.


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