Emily McClure Tests Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz is described by the manufacturer as a hair product that produces stronger, fuller, and healthier hair all in one bottle. Sounds amazing and one hair care professional with admittedly unruly problem hair decided to take the challenge being offered by WEN by Chaz of using the all-in-one shampoo for one week and seeing for herself the benefits of using this product. Emily McClure is the intrepid tester, and you can follow her week-long results using the Wen by Chaz product here: Bustle

McClure as a hair care stylist is the right person to test this product not just because of the Wen by Chaz claims but because its initial cost is high like many hair care products for sale at hair salons. When people pay more for a product, they expect results. As a blind test, the customer rating system for the same product available through Amazon was examined and of the possible five-star ratings available the product rated 3.7 stars. This 3.7-star rating is high for any reviewed product, and the largest percent of users rated the shampoo at five-stars, the highest available rating (http://chazdean.com/store.aspx). But on closer examination the second largest group by percent were those who rated the hair care product at the minimum one-star rating, See the Amazon reviews here: Amazon

It is important to realize that all advertising paid for by manufacturers is positive in nature. As Americans, we are assaulted with spurious claims about product performance and promises based on company and corporate expectations and not on results. Product reviewers like Emily McClure and the scores of responders to product reviews from Amazon, QVC and Walmart and many other online merchandisers are the best way to know of a product’s worth to the consumer.

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