Rowing Into the Record Books

When you start at Orange Coast College, you can finish anywhere. OCC is the cream of the crop when it comes to community colleges, specifically in the state of California, sending out more transfers to the University of California and California State University than any other community college in the state.

While you may think of community colleges in general as inferior or substandard, that could not be more of a fallacy when it comes to OCC.

This notion is notably true when it comes to athletics. In the last 30 years, Orange Coast College has won the Sports Supremacy Award, going to the top overall athletic program in the conference, 26 times. That comes out to about 87% of the time. Can you say powerhouse?

One sport in which Coast has been known as a dominant force within is rowing. The brutal yet intensely rewarding sport of rowing will start with nearly 80 students signed up at OCC and drop by nearly half by the end of the season. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Rowing is one of the ultimate team sports. If any of the team members are off rhythm with their strokes it can disrupt the entire team, although a disruption of this nature doesn’t happen all that often for the OCC rowing team.

This year they headed back to fight for their 12th national title in school history and back to back titles, where they compete against some of the best 4-year universities around. Still think OCC is inferior?

The Orange Coast College rowing program is elite, and has churned out elite level athletes for years, including Stanford University Men’s Rowing head coach, who called Orange Coast College the springboard he needed academically, athletically, and professionally.

The competition at nationals includes nearly 40 schools, many of them 4-year schools. The opportunity to knock off big schools and compete at nationals year after year is a large reason so many students have an interest in rowing at OCC, including John Kennear who won this year’s “outstanding oarsman of the year” award. Kenner who will row for UCLA next year has said, “There’s a greater sense of satisfaction when you win a race with teamwork,” and that is exactly what OCC plans to do at this year’s nationals.

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James Dondero Gives Back to Dallas

Of the many successful individuals who have not only created their own businesses to draw in revenue, but have also created their businesses to help others, one individual in particular stands out to the rest of the individuals due to his success as well as due to his dedication to the Dallas community. This individual is James Dondero, an individual with many titles as well as many awards. James Dondero is not only a businessman, but is also an expert investor, a family man, as well as a philanthropist who has made sure that the community of Dallas has seen the many benefits of his success. James Dondero is a successful investor who co-founded the company that is known as Highland Capital Management which is an investment firm that works hard to tailor investment opportunities to the individuals. At this company, James Dondero and his employees are 100 percent dedicated to the client and always puts them first.


James Dondero and his team at Highland Capital Management are renowned all over the world as a loyal investment firm that only wants to see the clients of the firm succeed within the world of investment. Each opportunity for the clients is specifically tailored to their preferences and an opportunity to diversify their portfolio. Clients of this firm respect James Dondero and respect the fact that the investment opportunities that he provides for his clients not only include some of the highest returns, but also have the least amount of risk so that the clients can feel safe.


As a successful owner of a business, James Dondero is not only dedicated to his company, but is also dedicated to the people and to the community of Dallas. James Dondero has donated millions of dollars to make sure that there is a positive relationship between the Highland Capital Management firm and the community of Dallas. This means that as the firm grows wealthy, so does the community. James Dondero has many more plans for the future of his firm and wants to involve the community of Dallas with his many plans for the future.

Beginning The Journey as an Entrepreneur: Vijay Eswaran of India’s Journey

These days, it is highly likely that one is going to have an online reputation. For those that are just starting out as an entrepreneur, this is a good chance to begin something that is very respectable. All that is needed is for one to think long and hard about the image that he wants to have.

Once he has figured that out, then he has to come up with a plan in order to make sure that his image his protected. One example of a respectable image is someone who is very generous and responsible. One such person is Vijay Eswaran.

Vijay Eswaran has built a company that is based around life improvement. In order to carry that out, he has made sure that every product, service and program is based on bringing improvement to the lives of others. He sells products in his company from many different industries. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

For instance, Vijay sells electronic devices that could be used for education. Other industries he is involved in is health and beauty. One thing that he wants is for people to be healthy and happy. Therefore, he is always willing to teach people about the path to true joy.

One thing that Vijay Eswaran likes to instill in his company is the value of service. He wants his employees to approach their jobs and their lives from the standpoint of what they can do for others.

This is the quickest way to joy and fulfillment. When people meet the needs of others and even go out of their way to make them happy, they are going to feel a sense of achievement.

This is also one of the fastest ways to develop love for people. Vijay has used the principle of service to build and grow his company so that it can reach people who are at a disadvantage.

More History in the Making with George Street Photo and Video

George Street Photo and Video has many locations across the United States and delivers on their clients’ visions.

In Philadelphia, Powel House and Headquarters of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America are both unique, historical landmark venues. Powel House has Georgian architecture, rococo ceilings and a mahogany staircase.

Colonial Dames Headquarters is small but boasts a four-season garden. Built in 1923, the interior is painted in authentic colonial colors, filled with vintage paintings and period antiques.

In Willamette Valley, Oregon, Red Ridge Farms lends itself to gorgeous weddings with a lavender-surrounded garden, hilltop iron pergola beneath an exquisite chandelier or, inside, before a natural stone fireplace with cedar mantle.

The Treasury Ballroom in Portland, dating from the late 1800’s, offers a checkered Italian marble ballroom dance floor, a grand marble staircase, velvet drapes, stained glass and a turn-of-the-century bar. The antique steel vault is great for photos.


Excellent Leadership of end Citizens United

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has proven to have a strong leadership and a clear goal. The political action group of End Citizens United came together due to the decision which was made by the Supreme Court of the United States of America called Citizens United.

The committee End Citizens United was established as a group in two years ago in August 2015. The group has two leaders – Mrs. Tiffany Muller and Mr. Jody Murphy. Both of them have had a few decades of experience with fighting against discrimination and discriminatory views. The two leaders have been working together so well that the group became one of the most successful ones.

  1. Tiffany Muller is occupying two positions – President and Executive Director of the political action group. She has dedicated her career to fighting against discriminatory views and actions. She has worked with many organizations and institutions such as the Topeka City Council, Capitol Hill and more. Mrs. Tiffany Muller has also worked several years for Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Mrs. Tiffany Muller has been working in the fields of progressive politics and leading both small and large teams. She has also had a lot of experience handling projects on her own as well as conducting research and doing analyses. In 2004, Mrs. Tiffany Muller changed the way the citizens of Kansas perceived their government as she came out as homosexual and prompted people to strive harder towards acceptance and to fight against discrimination directed at the LGBTQ+ community.
  2. Tiffany Muller received her higher education from the Washburn University, located in Topeka, Kansas. She got a bachelor’s degree from it and her master’s degree she studied for at the University of Maryland.
  3. Jody Murphy is at the position of the Political Director of End Citizens United. He used to work for establishments such as the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. He has occupied positions such as Political Director, Independent expenditure Director, Executive Director, and more. During his time working at the DLCC, Mr. Jody Murphy worked in a few different states – Missouri, Oklahoma, and more. Mr. Jody Murphy Received his higher education from the Oklahoma Baptist University.

The political action group of End Citizens United has been a supporter of 11 candidates from the Democratic Party and has gone to great lengths in order to show their support. End Citizens United has also gathered more than four thousand signatures from people who are supportive of their goal – reversing the design of the Supreme Court Citizens united. The political action group was one of the most successful ones and has donated many large sums to a variety of charitable causes over the two years that they have been together.


How Jason Hope and the Internet of Things Will Change Our World

Technology is massively improving the ways that we live our lives. This is indisputable. From cell phones to GPS devices all the way to the way our houses even function — technology has made the difference. Jason Hope is a renown futurist, acclaimed author, and a tech entrepreneur who has made a career out of being in the right place at the right time. Right now Jason Hope is planting his flag firmly in the ground where the Internet of Things is rapidly growing. What is the Internet of Things, you may wonder. The Internet of Things is the theory that embraces how technology is overtaking our lives. Eventually we will be interfaced with the internet everywhere else. This is the next great industry, according to Jason Hope.

The Internet of Things, according to Jason Hope, is the next big industry to overtake the tech world. He has gone so far as to say that corporations NEED to be at the forefront when it finally takes off completely. Airlines are one of the big sectors that will utilize the Internet of Things in order to improve their business by making it safer and more satisfactory for customers. From the way baggage will be handled to how all of our in-flight creature comforts are delivered, the Internet of Things will be there.We can look at Virgin Atlantic for a specific example of how the Internet of Things is already changing lives. Virgin Atlantic uses the Internet of Things to monitor every piece of their Boeing 787 airplanes.

The IoT makes sure that these planes are up and running smoothly and safely by feeding a constant stream of data to people monitoring behind the scenes. This is just one way that the Internet of Things is already improving the lives of people — most of which will never even realize it.Jason Hope has been there for a great many innovations in the tech world. Whether he is working as an author and activist for the IoT or merely researching as part of his SENS Foundation, we can rest assured that Hope has his finger on the heartbeat of global technology.

Madison Street Capital Arranges Minority Recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital is one of the most prominent international investment companies based in the United States. For the company, they are always thrilled by the fact that they are part of the solution to the financial and acquisition problems facing you and your company. For this reason, the company has made a name for themselves as the most sophisticated business partner in the country. Since the company as incepted, it has helped more than 4,000 companies’ secure fast working loans through their minority capitalization structure. In the end, they are praised for their business management skills that are not paralleled in the industry.


Madison Street Capital is also considered as the best source of capital to other institutions associated with better business capabilities. For those of you who want to achieve better business solutions, they might work to determine the most sophisticated solution in the world. Madison Street Capital has also arranged the funding of Ares Security Company based in the United States. This is one of the most complex arrangements made by the company. Since they always struggle to attain better business solutions, they will always struggle to activate better business solutions in a way that is not paralleled in the industry.


According to Charles Botchway of Madison Street Capital, the company was activated through better business to look for Corbel Structures as the best source of capital in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. If you are engaged towards the development if issues affecting the business, you can select the better business solution you might require to activate your achievements. Charles announced the transaction when the company approached them for a minority capitalization structure. According to Madison Street Capital, they always want to be part of the solution to any problems facing the company or the business. In this case, you might consider using better business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.


Ben Ezz, the President of Ares Security Company, also confirmed that the company had assisted them through their most difficult times of the year. Financing is one of the most sophisticated parts of business. For this reason, they end up working to attain better business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Reginald McCaigh is the Senior Vice President of Madison Street Capital Reputation. According to him, the company was determined to achieve the best solution to the problems facing them.


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Copa Star: A New Entry in the Hospital Category Offering Exclusive Medical Care

Rede D’Or is the company behind the construction of Copa Star. The company’s post in 2014 unveiled details about the construction of the hospital. According to Marcelo Pina, the executive director Copa Star, the hospital was scheduled to have modern medical equipment including hybrid rooms, smart surgical rooms, robotic medicine, neurosurgery rooms with magnetic resonance equipment and telemedicine.

Pina cited that the technology would be state-of-the-art. In addition, a team of standard FIFA experts was set to join Copa Star, especially after the Olympics. He also reiterated that not only would the hospital’s quality of the equipment be high but also its level of assistance or care. Copa Star would have modern technology and integrate the most modern flows and processes. Additionally, the hospital would include a multidisciplinary team composed of experienced experts.

Marcelo Pina revealed that Copa Star would not only accept private patients who can pay cash but also those who can with other forms of payment such as health insurance. He concluded by saying that Rede D’Or was fully aware that Rio de Janeiro had health plans that covered differentiated services. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

The Launch of Copa Star

Last year (2016) marked the inauguration of the much-awaited Copa Star hospital. This event took place after three years of construction in the southern region of Rio, more precisely Figueiredo Magalhaes street in Copacabana. As a new entry in the hospital category, Copa Star combines comfort, qualified service and sophisticated technology.


Apart from an architectural design similar to that of a five-star hotel, Copa Star boasts of state-of-the-art technology. The hospital utilizes a Smart Hospitality System that gives patients some degree of independence, unlike other standard hospitals. In fact, in-patients are provided each with an iPad that can be used to request attention from the nurses or hold a conversation with the doctor. Copa Star’s sophisticated technology is also widely displayed by the automation of various bed features.

Training of Copa Star Professionals

When it came to training, Copa Star did not leave anything to chance. As such, the hospital team underwent training for about two months, which involved various simulations and tests. The hospital has utilized actors in a bid to prepare adequately for possible emergencies. Additionally, Copa Star has over 550 employees whereby 113 of them are doctors.

The Copa Star venture by Rede D’Or cost more than R $400 million. Jorge Moll, the founder and president of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, cited that the hospital has combined highly sophisticated surgeries and qualified care. He also emphasized that the new hospital served as an alternative for the residents of Rio de Janeiro, who had to fly to other locations such as Sao Paolo for care. Furthermore, Rede D’Or Sao Luiz hopes to take the new concept of hospitals to other locations in Brazil. Learn more on

An Insight Into Betsy Devos’ Philanthropy Work

Betsy Devos is a charismatic American businesswoman, politician, and activist who is 11th in the present United States Secretary of Education. She is a member of the Republican party. She is known to be a member of the board of foundation for excellence in education. Betsy is a leader and an innovator. She has been instrumental in giving an opportunity to the people to be prosperous. Betsy has been an active participant in the politics for more than thirty-five years. She has done many leadership roles with the party organizations.

Philanthropy Work of Betsy Devos

Devos has made a huge donation worth $11.6 million in charity. Devos Foundation has given huge donations to the various arts organizations and Christian schools.

Betsy Devos has been the chairperson and board member of the Action Institute. Betsy DeVos has also been a chair of the Alliance for School Choice. She played a pivotal role in the promotion of the tax credits to businesses that provide private school scholarships. Betsy DeVos and her husband donated millions of funds for the organization in the year 2008. Betsy and her husband have actively worked for first charter school bill in the year 1993.

DeVos is of the opinion that education in the United States of America should be open for-profit charter schools. She has a belief that giving an opportunity to the education market will provide an increased choice for the privatization of the American public education system. The West Michigan Aviation Academy was founded by Betsy.

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Personal Life of Betsy DeVos

DeVos was born Elisabeth Prince on 8th Jan. 1958. She received education at the Holland Christian High School. It is a private school in Holland, Michigan. Betsy has completed her graduation from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has got a Bachelor degree in business economics from here. She is known to have served in the college senate for the students and won a seat there. DeVos has given a great deal to the college. Betsy has been renowned in the educational field as a great champion who provided private school vouchers to the families.

DeVos family is the richest in America. Betsy is married to Richard Marvin who is a businessman and a community activist. DeVos Jr. Betsy has got four kids – two daughters and two sons: Rick, Elissa, Ryan and Andrea. The couple has got assets worth $583 million to $1.5 billion. Betsy has a great degree of passion for reforms that provide a platform for the underprivileged kids to get access to high-quality education. Betsy’s younger brother Erik was a CIA operative and a Navy Seal. Betsy DeVos is the daughter of late Edgar Prince. Check this article from New York Post.

Using Research To Create Solutions That Last

Research is fundamental in everything since it is like a breeding ground for solutions. Every solution that is created by different people results from research. Research is trustworthy and credible. It facilitates the creation of solutions. This is because research is tested in real life circumstances. It gives results based on the real-time experiences. A channel that equips people with different results is more than helpful for the people who bank in the results. Oncotarget is a weekly journal that is published with research-based information about cancer. This information is used by doctors who are researching for solutions towards cancer. Mikhail Blagosklonny edits the journal. He is the editor-in-chief. Mikhail is a trained and experienced doctor. His contribution is trustworthy. The journal has grown in popularity because other doctors have approved its contribution.

Oncotarget is a pool of resources for people who desire to create solutions in the medical world. The journal is not biased. It has information on both experienced doctors and students. This enables the credibility of the journal to be high because the research findings are approved by the different doctors who are in charge of editing the articles. The writers of the journal are trained doctors. They can conduct research independently and can filter the information as trained doctor. The doctors that contribute information towards the journal are trained. The information is trusted, and it can be used as a solution towards creating a cure for cancer.

Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

It is essential to note that the information is credible and is updated on a weekly basis as mentioned above. There is research that is done weekly. The research gives out reliable information towards the cure of cancer. This shows that the resources that are used can be relied on to create practical solutions. The journal has gained popularity in laboratories and medical schools where the information is further grilled to bring the best out of the solutions offered by the journal. The impact of the journal on research is evident because the information is credible and is supplied to different hospitals. Different professions should create different solutions through innovations like Oncotarget. Oncotarget is published by Impact Journals.