Tammy Mazzocco is in Charge of Her Own Success

At the beginning of her real estate career, Tammy Mazzocco was a secretary to a nine-man commercial real estate office, and in the next ten years ago she had several more supportive jobs in the administrative areas of the business.

Then in 1999, she decided to switch to the sales side of the real estate business when she joined the Judy Gang Team at RE/MAX in Pickerington, Ohio. Judy had been a friend and a mentor, and Tammy has had no regrets as she has a thriving real estate practice located in Pickerington and the surrounding four counties.

Tammy works hard at her business and is very happy to have been instrumental to have had many great experiences in helping families to find their dream homes in the Central Ohio area. She gives a lot of credit to many of her fellow workers, and she is a believer that good habits bring good results.

In her earlier days, Tammy remembers that she was a little shy in getting to know new clients and in talking with them. A fellow agent advised her to start the conversation with a question about the client, and if they were a good prospect they would answer without hesitation, and she would find herself in a conversation. Tammy tried it, and it worked, so she never had that problem again, more details can be found on her Spokeo profile.

Tammy likes to get early and get to the office where she gets as much of the busy work out of the way. Paperwork, emails and other office duties are disposed of as quickly as possible, and then it is on to the phone where she works at setting her schedule to show homes to prospective buyers. That is where she prefers to spend the bulk of her time because that is where buyers purchase homes.

Tammy likes to set goals, and then break them down into smaller actionable steps. They become easier to accomplish that way. When goals are too large, they are easily dropped, and nothing gets done. Visit Ideamensch for more details.

Tammy is very careful to treat people as she would like to be treated herself, especially in the time and financial areas. Respecting her clients’ needs and wants have been key factors in her success. She says that people know when you are genuine in these areas and they will trust you and want to do business with you. The real estate business is all about working with people and when that is mastered it becomes fun, according to Tammy.

Check out her Facebook account.

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Startups and ROI

A recent piece in Forbes encourages business owners and entrepreneurs to think critically about return on investment (ROI) when it comes to online reputation management. According to the author, Ryan Erskine, many executives see reputation management as the icing on the cake, a low priority task that they’ll get around to when they have more time. But for Erskine, this is a potentially dangerous view to take since most leaders aren’t seeing the big picture.

The problem is that many don’t take into consider lost revenue. Most people can see that were they to put more effort into social media and web presence, they would have some sort of return on the investment. But this doesn’t take into consideration lost revenue due to negative reviews and articles online. Erskine estimates that a single negative article on your Google front page can result in a 22% loss in potential business. The number rises quickly with each additional negative search result, so for businesses facing a barrage of negative results online, online reputation management may be necessary to increase or restore profitability.

Negative reviews on sites such as Yelp or Google Reviews can likewise be devastating. Losing a star can be particularly bad for restaurants, which, on average suffer revenue losses in the neighborhood of 10% when they are downgraded. But in addition to negative online results, many entrepreneurs fail to grasp just how essential an online presence is to the pipeline. The impact on ROI can be absolutely amazing.

Vijay Eswaran’s impeccable leadership traits that have Seen Him Soar High

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran is a man who wears several hats with ease considering the massive experience he has gathered over the years. He is a renowned author, a prominent businessman, a seasoned motivational speaker, and a philanthropist.

He is the Chairman and founder of the QI Group of Companies, a network marketing firm that has its hands on several businesses, including retail, direct selling, education, hospitality, and financial services. Vijay also founded QNET, a division of the QI Group in 1998. Vijay has gathered immense wealth, which he has used to invest in other ventures, such as fine art, real estate, and telecommunications.

True Leadership

Vijay Eswaran is an adept leader and a go-getter. His company had a very humble beginning and at a time that his country Asia was faced with an economic crisis. Armed with only his passion and the support of family and partners, Vijay faced a lot of challenges that he fought to create a company that is today globally known. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://hk.linkedin.com/in/eswaranvijay

He takes his challenges in stride as he believes that they are a tool that he uses to measure his progress in his professional and personal life. Vijay adopts the service above self-approach when providing leadership in his line of work. Vijay believes that success is dependent on the type of people one hires and so he diligently seeks the same minded people to add to his team.

Vijay personally involves himself with the operations of his businesses by listening to his clients regularly. This keeps him motivated to work harder and guide his team in innovating better products that have continued to change lives.

Vijay Eswaran has witnessed his businesses grow and expand their operations. He prides in a university his company started in Malaysia.


In his philanthropic spirit, Vijay Eswaran has created two foundations that support several projects in women empowerment, education, and youth development worldwide.

His dedication has seen him being recognized severally. In 2011, the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GPIO) named him the International Leader in Global business Strategies. Vijay has had a chance to speak at several forums including the World Economic Forum.

Doe Deere: A Rebel In Color

Lime Crime founder Doe Deere has a great story. The cosmetics creator was born in Russia and spent her first 17 years there until she brought herself to New York City. Her initial goal was to become a musician, which is exactly what she did upon arriving in New York. While the musical career didn’t flourish as she may have wished, it taught her valuable lessons in career and marketing. She met her husband in New York, in fact, he was in her band. But it also moved her into the career direction she was ultimately destined to be in.


With an eye for fashion, Doe began a DIY line which she started on eBay as limecrime. She created and modeled her own fashions. Bright colors, though, became her staple, her calling card. She had noticed that bright and unusual colors were hard to find. So she decided to put together her favorite color, lime, with eye shadows, lip sticks and nail polishes so bright and vivid that wearing them could be a crime. Thus, Lime Crime was born. Doe was amazed to see how girls were drawn to the bright and vivid tones. For this reason, Lime Crime became a very profitable company.


But what about make-up, in general, drives Doe? Expression. The ability to express oneself and not worry about judgement. And by looking at the brand, looking at her website and its mission title: Rebellion in Color, one can see Doe’s expressive take. There is nothing gentle about the Lime Crime brand. It is bright, eye-catching and in your face. But it does allow one to fully express themselves and that is a win for Doe.


Doe Deere approaches business with team mentality. Many meetings with her President and VP, meetings with her Creative Director, all with one goal. Togetherness. Making sure all are on the same page with the same vision. So far her model has worked great for Lime Crime. Treating her clients and vendors, as well as employees, with love and respect has also been a winning factor in her success.


The sky truly is the limit for Doe Deere and her Lime Crime product. With her wonderful approach to business and those around her, to her terrific product, Lime Crime looks to continue its upward trend.


To discover more, visit www.doedeere.com.



How The Traveling Vineyard Works

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that sells wine through a network of direct salespeople.

The direct salespeople, who are called Wine Guides, host wine tastings in people’s home, serving samples of the wines that The Traveling Vineyard offers. At the end of the tasting, the people at the wine tasting can sign up to have the wines that they want delivered to their homes.

Being a Wine Guide for The Traveling Vineyard has a number of perks. the first is that it gives you a flexible schedule as each Wine Guide schedules their own wine tasting parties. They decide on their own how many wine tastings they will host and when. Another perk, of course, is that it’s a way for Wine Guide’s to earn money. Depending on the Wine Guide it might be something they just do on occasion to bring in some extra money, or it could replace a full-time job and pay quite a bit more. It’s also a fun job as you’re serving and discussing wine with people. Additionally, The Traveling Vineyard holds events a few times a year where Wine Guides can attend and have fun with their fellow colleagues.

When someone decides to pursue this career they submit their interest to The Traveling Vineyard through their website. The person’s contact information is forwarded to the leader of their region who will answer any questions and help them get started. The Traveling Vineyard also offers training on their website which is called The Tasting Room. The training is designed to help people learn about wine and is meant for everyone from complete wine amateurs to those who are pretty familiar with most wines. Once signed up as a Wine Guide they received a Success Kit in the mail which includes everything they need to get started.

A Closer Look at the Little Guys’ Guy, Jim Hunt, and His Make Mum a Millionaire Challenge

CEO Jim Hunt of VTA Publications is a YouTuber, a former banker, a financial advisor, and one of the most respected investors in the stock market industry. The small guys’ guy, however, is the best phrase to describe Jim. Being a very informed person in matters of bank operations according to prnewschannel.com, he focuses on helping the little guys to avoid bank frustrations by guiding them on how to manage their money. Through his YouTube channel, Jim inspires very many little guys by sharing all his investment stories.

Interview with Ideamensch

Towards the end of last year, Ideamensch featured Jim Hunt, and he discussed on vtapublications.co.uk some of the things that people do not know about him. He revealed that his success in business is anchored on a simple principle: listen to the clients’ needs, research on those needs, and then incubate an idea that will best solve the problems at https://www.duedil.com/company/08315944/vta-publications-limited. Jim marries this principle with discipline and self-drive, making most of his ideas successful. He increases his productivity by setting strict goals for himself and then working extra hard to reach them.

Reading People’s Psychology

There is more to Jim’s success. He is a good listener and has a talent of reading people’s psychology. Executing a business idea is one thing, but the reception it will get from the clients is a different thing. Jim uses his talent in psychology to sell his ideas to the customers and to convince them that the idea will exhaustively solve their problems. He prefers direct mails over other advertising mediums for he believes that a mail reaches the intended audience in a more convincing way. Jim, however, admitted that he had failed severally in business, but he always had a lesson to learn from the failures.

Jim is excited by the strides being made in the field of biotech in pursuit of improved medical solutions in the future. He is a great admirer of Jesse Livermore and a firm believer in the power of information.

Make Mum a Millionaire

VTA Publications was started in 2012 to offer digital and physical finance and economics services. Recently, VTA Publications started Make Mum a Millionaire movement that is aimed at making millionaires from £1000 only. According to Jim, if £1000 is doubled cumulatively for ten times, it will have reached a million pounds by the tenth time. Jim will partake this process for his mom to prove his theory.

Brian Bonar Has Earned The Respect Of His Peers

Brian Bonar is famous for his status as the Chief Executive Officer of the revered Trucept. Before this, Brian was the Chief Executive Officer of the acclaimed Dalrada Financial Group. Brian also made it to the Cambridge register as Exec of the Year, pertaining to economics, in 2010.

That is a considered to be a great feat, as their register is updated annually, and they’re strict on their requirements. The applicants must have stood out with leadership, academic and professional deeds.

For over three decades Brian Bonar has stood out in the economic sector as a success. Dalrada Financial profited under Brian’s command with a highly esteemed position in economics.

The celebrated Dalrada Financial is widely known for delivering their personnel to a host of businesses with the expectation of creating efficiency within their corporation. They have accomplished victory with their distinctive tailored services, in regards to insurance, outsourcing and economic concerns that adhere to the requirements of each customer.

Dalrada’s immense development as a triumphant enterprise under Brian Bonar’s command is an indication of Brian’s reputable promise as a career manager.

Brian accomplished his degree from the esteemed University of Strathclyde, in addition to a Doctorate from Stafford University. During 1992 to 1994, Mr. Bonar gained admiration as the Administrator of Tech, which helped Brian with earning promotions on a repeated basis throughout his career.

Brian was promoted to the status of Vice President at Dalrada Financial, to be promoted two months after this to Executive Vice President. From 1995 to 1997, Mr. Bonar was promoted to the status of Director. Brian continued to climb to the status of CEO, then in 1999 Brian earned Chairperson of the Board.

Brian is currently the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept Inc. Brian Bonar also earned the status of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the Amanda Company, Inc. Prior to this, Mr. Bonar was the Secretary, Chief Financial Officer and also the Treasurer.

During his time at Benzier Systems Brian was the esteemed VP of Worldwide Sales in addition to VP of Marketing. Before this, Mr. Brian Bonar labored at Adaptech as Worldwide Sales Manager.

Brian’s resume of employment is extraordinary. Brian currently is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Trucept ever since 2011. Brian graduated from the revered James Watt Technical University in Mechanical Engineering back in 1969. Brian also has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the respected Stafford University.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar established the enterprise AMS Outsourcing back in 2006. Became President of the distinguished APBS in 2008. Brian was also the Sales & Marketing VP of ITEC Imaging Tech during 1995 to 1999.

Emily McClure Tests Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz is described by the manufacturer as a hair product that produces stronger, fuller, and healthier hair all in one bottle. Sounds amazing and one hair care professional with admittedly unruly problem hair decided to take the challenge being offered by WEN by Chaz of using the all-in-one shampoo for one week and seeing for herself the benefits of using this product. Emily McClure is the intrepid tester, and you can follow her week-long results using the Wen by Chaz product here: Bustle

McClure as a hair care stylist is the right person to test this product not just because of the Wen by Chaz claims but because its initial cost is high like many hair care products for sale at hair salons. When people pay more for a product, they expect results. As a blind test, the customer rating system for the same product available through Amazon was examined and of the possible five-star ratings available the product rated 3.7 stars. This 3.7-star rating is high for any reviewed product, and the largest percent of users rated the shampoo at five-stars, the highest available rating (http://chazdean.com/store.aspx). But on closer examination the second largest group by percent were those who rated the hair care product at the minimum one-star rating, See the Amazon reviews here: Amazon

It is important to realize that all advertising paid for by manufacturers is positive in nature. As Americans, we are assaulted with spurious claims about product performance and promises based on company and corporate expectations and not on results. Product reviewers like Emily McClure and the scores of responders to product reviews from Amazon, QVC and Walmart and many other online merchandisers are the best way to know of a product’s worth to the consumer.

For more info, visit the WEN website and Twitter page.


How Julie Zuckerberg Acquires Fresh Talent in The Banking Sector?

In today’s world, the job role of a recruiter is no longer an easy task. While a major section of the workforce in the banking sector is all set to retire, it becomes very crucial for the recruiters to handpick fresh talents from the young generation. Not only that, but the executive recruiters also striving hard every day to motivate them and hire trends, since the business world is currently under the control of the young and dynamic Gen-Xers. Julie Zuckerberg, the principal recruiter of the Deutsche Bank, with her several years of experiences is skilled at fresh talent acquisition and thereby has been employing her unique strategies to overcome these challenges.

The key to her success:

Apart from being confident and a relentless marketer, one of the essential skills required to be a successful recruiter, is to be a patient listener. Since they deal with ‘people business,’ it is very critical for an HR recruiter to be an expert in relationship building and connecting with people. The key to Julie Zuckerberg’s success is her ability to recognize fresh talents and the desires of the employees.

  • By involving the employees in the hiring process, she also gains their trust and thereby increases the chances of connecting with the fresh talents inevitably. Julie also recognizes the power of the social media sites and encourages the employees to take part in open discussions in order to identify a potential candidate smoothly.
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with the employees is more essential than chasing new talents; this is because, the professionally trained candidates are deemed to multiply the productivity as well as performance, compared to a fresher. Zuckerberg thus, finds it worthwhile to opt for an experienced candidate in the banking sector. Another advantage of maintaining a healthy relationship with the employees is that they can always refer the candidates, whenever there is a vacancy.

Strategies to motivate the fresh talents:

Apart from paying close attention to the social media websites, professionals like Julie Zuckerberg also believes in staying connected with an array of professional organizations across the country. Staying in touch with the offices, recruitment firms, as well as the placement cells of different Universities, helps her to stay ahead of the rest in the industry. The striking part of Julie is that she is always headhunting for fresh talents, even after the official hours. By the aid of close interaction with the candidates, Zuckerberg tries to motivate them consistently.

Because of the lucrative employment package offered by Deutsche Bank, Julie finds herself in an advantageous position. During her leisure time, Julie thus tries to improve the reputation of the bank through social media.

Lesser Known Facts About Julie Zuckerberg:

Whenever she finds time from her busy schedule, she loves to run around, clicking photographs to add to her collection and to taste different types of food.

CTRMA Discusses Future Of Transport In Williamson County

Most transportation discussions in Austin focus only the city and ignore the suburban communities around Austin. The Williamson County Growth Summit provides an opportunity for transit challenges to be discussed based on the needs of suburban communities in the region. The panel is comprised of prominent Texans in the transportation industry. There is Mike Heiligenstein, who is the director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, RideScout founder Joseph Kopser, Jared Ficklin, a designer from ArgoDesigns and Leandre Johns the Texas External Affairs Director for Uber. Participants of the event, which was held in Sheraton Georgetown Hotel, discussed technology and how it’s transforming transportation globally and in the Austin region.

Heiligenstein noted that Austin was in urgent need of investment in upgrading transportation capacity and making the roads smarter. He also pointed out that upcoming technology such as ridesharing apps and driverless cars would change transport infrastructure. He said most of these changes would have to be in suburbs such as Williamson County, which are experiencing unprecedented growth in mobility demands. He praised Williamson County for doing an excellent job in building infrastructure that was adaptable and efficient.

Alan McGraw Mayor for Round Rock emphasized that land use and building codes would need to be flexible to accommodate transit needs for future generations. He observed that autonomous vehicles would still need roads and parking spaces. He came up with an interesting idea whereby future parking spaces would only need to be one inch taller than a car. Additionally, electric cars would need charging stations within parking spaces to boost efficiency.

The CTRMA is a state level independent government agency that was created in 2002. The main aim of the agency is to improve the transportation systems in Travis and Williamson counties. CTRMA is tasked with implementing inventive transport solutions that promote economic vitality and reduce congestion. The Mobility Authority is run by a board of directors that has seven members. The Governor of Texas appoints the chairman and the two counties nominate three members each. CTRMA has a small staff and uses specialized private contractors for different projects.

Mike Heiligenstein is the current chairman of the CTRMA. He has served with the authority since its inception and has lead its first project, 183A in Williamson County. He also supervised the opening of the 290 Toll Expressway project. Prior to his appointment as chairman of CTRMA he served as public official in Williamson County for 23 years. In addition to his role at CTRMA he serves on the Board of The Texas Transportation Institute.

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