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About Securus Technologies

The non-profit organization was established in 1986 to deliver quality services and products to state prisons and public safety agencies. Together with its affiliates, Securus Technologies serves over 2,600 correctional facilities and organizations across the U.S and Canada. Currently, the firm has over 1,000 employees around the world. In July 2016, Securus Technologies announced its investment of over $600 million in patents and acquirement’s. With offices in Texas, Atlanta, Carrollton, and Allen, Securus Technologies commits to serving as many prisoners as possible. Watch this video on Youtube.

With the determination to provide quality civil and criminal justice technology solutions to correction facilities, Securus Technologies improves public safety while modernizing the incarceration experience. More than 100 public safety and correctional agencies rely on Securus Technologies for security, advanced technologies, designers, and technicians. With hundreds of patents secured such as technologists, designers, engineers, and thinkers, Securus Technologies’ products and services are exquisite and reliable.

From linking inmates to friends and family members, Securus Technologies keeps the world safe by channeling information to the right places. Securus Technologies connects investigators with emergency operators and responders to detect criminal activities within correction facilities. Leveraging its qualified, experienced professionals, Securus Technologies commits to serving the public by offering emergency response, facility management, incident management, ICT services, information management, and monitoring services to correction facilities. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies attends to over 1.2 million prisoners across North America.

In a move to improve customer services, Securus Technologies built a 220 seating capacity call center, which ranks as the world’s largest call center. As such, Securus Technologies has control over its customers while offering an open communication channel to prisoners, family members, and friends.

The Importance First Impressions

One of the most important lessons that people learn is that it is important to make a good first impression. With the internet, the first page of Google results is the first impression for many people that don’t know an individual or a business. This is why it is important for people to make sure that the first page of the search results is void of any bad news. When one sees something bad on the first page of the search results, they are going to run away from the business they were doing a search on. Therefore, one must make sure that there is no bad news.


It is also important to make sure that there is some good news about the company that appears on the front page of the search results. When people see good news, then they will be more inclined to visit the business or associate with the individual that is being searched. However, this is not the end of the battle. It is up to the individual to make sure that he keeps up the good impression.


One company that has made sure that there were good first impressions was Status Labs. It had to do that because it was one of the companies that handle the images of others. Therefore, it goes to show that people are going to want to do business with a company that does its job for itself. Status Labs has been so successful in what it is doing that it has started expanding to different territories including the west coast.

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Can Waiakea Water Heal & Prevent?

Figuring out how to stay healthy amidst everyday pollutants is a challenge, but in an effort to making it a bit easier, founder of Waiakea water, Ryan Emmons, is showing us how to accommodate those goals. We start with heart-healthy alkaline water, and add in some prevention strategies to take control of stressors.

The body of a human being is composed of more than 70% water. So it comes as no surprise that we’ve heard the same advice a billion times: drink more water. It’s essential to our metabolism, as well as oxygenating our cells. Yet, water quality is paramount to maintaining our health.

Turns out, we shouldn’t just drink “any” water because some choices are better than most. Waiakea water is a perfectly balanced thirst extinguisher. Zero pollutants and a number of minerals has placed Waiakea in the top 10 requested brands.

BPA-free drinking bottles contain no bisphenol-A, which is a component of hard plasticizers, which are said to release endocrine disrupting hormones into the body.  Up unto a few years ago, BPA was considered completely safe for human consumption, yet many manufacturers like Waiakea water began using a BPA-free plastic that was 100 percent safe for public use.

Even today, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only encourage manufacturers to replace packaging with BPA-free plastics, and the program is completely voluntary. Currently, Waiakea is one of a select few to be honored as a CarbonNeutral® company, using only sustainable recycled BPA-free polyethylene terephthalate.

The Science of Waiakea Water

In a quest to discover the ultimate beverage, Ryan Emmons traveled to Hawaii and bottled the best alkaline water found in volcanic rock that is naturally infused with a bevy of minerals that hydrate the body, better than any other beverage.

Why is Alkaline so important? Alkaline water contains a higher proportion of oxygen, which helps fight against free radicals responsible for the aging of our cells. Research has proven that bacteria and diseases can not survive in an alkaline environment, but they tend to thrive in an acidic environment. Thus, if the pH of your body is not balanced, it is difficult to effectively assimilate vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements.

The growing trend of Waiakea water spotlights just how health-conscious individuals recognize and embrace the true value of Hawaii’s volcanic water.

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Norka Luque’s Life in Close Review

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan-born U.S based musician. She was born in 1986 in the city of Caracas. While in her youth, her parents worked hard to nurture her into her current career by providing her with training in piano, dance and voice. They also gave her the opportunity to get quality education by taking her to France to study Business Administration and she managed to graduate with a diploma in Culinary Arts, Fashion and Marketing. While Norka Luque was still a student in France, she made an effort to cultivate her musical interest by joining a band. As a member of the band, she got the opportunity to tour cities in Europe consequently exposing herself to the European music community. It is through the exposure that she met her producer Emilio Estefan in 2008.

Emilio, with help from Hermanos Gaitan, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo, assisted Norka to produce her famous hit song Milagro. The aim of the song was to spread the message that change is possible. Milagro received a warm response from the people of Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the U.S. It grew to become one of the favorite songs in the Latin Music Billboards.

Her journey in the music world has not been one without challenges and in 2007, she went through a personal crisis that led to her gaining weight. She, however, did not let the weight put her down and instead opted to work with the same personal trainer as Beyonce and Shakira to lose weight eventually getting rid of 32 kilograms.

Norka Luque’s hard work in music has not gone unnoticed with her single “can I do it to you” earning her a nomination for the Female Pop Artist of the Year. A remix of the song was done by DJ Ralphi Rosario, which helped the song reach a larger audience making it very popular. The song ended up not only making it to number 11 on the Latin Billboards, but also managing to last at the top of the charts for over three months.

According to Norka, she draws her inspiration from Ricky Martin. She also looks up to other artists like George Michael, Jay-Z and Nirvana. Norka’s goal as she sings is to convey positive messages to her fans.

Norka’s Performance:

Securus Technologies Shines In North America

Securus Technologies is proud of the achievement of their employments in their company. 11 of their specialists received the BICSI Installer 1 Certification. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International issued the certifications to them, and Securus technologies acknowledges for their excellent efforts. Securus Technologies looks forward to working with the BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International company for what they do in the future.


When Securus Technologies completes business, they do so in a big way. They create technologies that are used in the public safety field, for instance, the justice departments. The criminal and civil sectors use their excellence for information and monitoring.  They are the cornerstone of the Securus Technologies company. Securus Technologies



BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International


At BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, many days are filled with helping companies to use new data, voice and safety technologies. The industry that BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International deals with is the information and communication technology industry. The importance that BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International places on their employees in something that they believe in. When BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International looks to the future, they want to continue to create better ways for their businesses to deal with their every day issues. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International will continue to be a leader in their field.


Since Securus Technologies is known around the world, they continue to make a great impact, by achieving fantastic results. Making Securus Technologies an even greater leader in the industry will occur with the assistance of all the people that are integral to their success.


Making Money With James Dondero and Highland Capital

Making money in today’s financial times takes more than just willpower. It takes a diverse set of skills, and an intricate knowledge of the ins and outs of today’s financial vehicles. You hear many stories in the media on how a financial firm in the long run isn’t up to the task. This is because in many cases these firms lack the skill, knowledge and experience to make profitable investments in the long-run.

James Dondero is one of America’s top equity fund managers. He has had a long and storied career in the financial world, and is currently the head of Highland Capital Management, a company that oversees over $18 billion in equity for various clients.

In many cases, equity management firms find themselves on the short end of the stick. During the 2008 financial crisis, many firms went belly up due to the changes in the global economy. Many hedge fund managers and equity managers did not know how to adapt in the changing economic times. James Dondero and his extensive background has led Highland Capital through many turbulent times, and has still managed to continue to bring profits to its various clientele.

Dondero has had a wide range of experience with a number of different companies, he began his career as a financial analyst, and has worked for a number of different equity management firms. His unique experience and talents led him to start an equity firm on his own, and from that vision Highland Capital was born. Now, he has a diverse group of individuals working with him, making investments in a wide range of different markets. For over 30 years, Dondero has brought his vast experience in the financial markets, reaping substantial rewards for his many satisfied customers.

Finding excellent financial management is a feat that is rarely accomplished. To find individuals with the financial know-how of Dondero and Highland Capital Management is a rare instance of finding an individual with a large amount of valuable knowledge that can help individuals and larger entities secure greater financial gains.

Kenneth Goodgame – The Marketing Veteran

Manufacturers need to make great end caps, for their products to do well. Kenneth Goodgame offers tips on working tips of thumb. To start with, ensure that it is relevant, timely, and local. Secondly, tie into the manufacturers’ national advertising. Also, do not have an extra run of items on the end cap, and make it understandable and if possible, interactive.

Kenneth is widely known for his innovative marketing and merchandising skills. He has a vast experience as an operations management leader. Kenneth specializes in creating billion-dollar OEM excellence. He focuses on quality assurance systems, employee engagement, corporate alignment, and key performance indicators that ensure enhanced performance and profitability. His extensive experience has enabled him to navigate market changes and to avoid severe errors that other stalls often miss.

Goodgame has served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at the True Value Hardware Company since 2013. He has a degree in Marketing and Finance from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Kenneth is an expert at building strong teams as well as profit/loss management. A sequence of successes has marked the time that Goodgame has been working at True Value Hardware. He has created innovative programs that are designed to build immediate impact in the worldwide market. His program launching methods have led to True Value Company being an internationally recognized brand.

Before Kenneth joined the True Value Company, he worked as the Global materials manager at Ace Hardware. While he was at Ace, he improved the total sales and also designed a long-term growth plan. Goodgame not only developed new products but also upgraded the processes that were in place previously. Other companies which he has worked for include Rubbermaid Cleaning Products, The Home Depot, and Black and Decker.

Besides being an expert in product development and brand creation, he is also an expert at promotional planning, sales, and packaging. His vast leadership experience has enabled him to consolidate ideas into a workable plan. Most of his achievement has been through empowerment of his colleges and making them believe that they are part of the team.

I Saw Eric Pulier Work Wonders At My School

I was very pleased with the way that Eric Pulier was able to come in and help me and a lot of the people I know at my school. There were a lot of us with small disabilities that were making school very hard. We were so concerned about getting out of school that we never knew if it was possible. We just knew that school was hard, and that was all we could think about every day.

The best part of this was that he brought a lot of things in that we could use, and he had considered a lot of different conditions that we might have had. I know that that sounds silly, but we needed to have as much technology as we could get, and he brought in things that worked for a lot of people on a lot of levels. We got lucky because he taught our teachers how to use these things, and then he made them available to us even after we graduated.

I have always been very happy with my school experience because of that one encounter with Eric Pulier, and I know classmates who also went on to college using the things he created for People Doing Things. We also knew a couple kids with terminal illnesses who used Starbright World to chat online.

I like to think that I owe my life to Eric Pulier, but I know I am not the only kid that feels this way. He has made a huge difference for a lot of people. We all graduated with adaptive technology that made our lives easier.

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Insight on the achievements of John Goullet; Diversant Principal

As a tech professional or fan, what comes to your mind when you hear the name John Goullet? John Goullet is the acting Principal of Diversant. He has led to the development and success of many businesses in the IT sector.

John Goullet began his career as an IT consultant after which in 1994, he switched to IT staffing. He founded Info Technologies after gaining enough understanding of emerging market trends.

Among the firms Mr. Goullet is involved with include:
• Info Technologies
• Diversant
Info Technologies
Mr. John Goullet founded Info Technologies in the year 1994. The company’s objective was to understand the corporate climate and the IT staffing needs of its clients. Info Technologies merged with Diversant in 2010.
The Merger led to the formation of Diversant, LLC which is now the largest African American-owned IT staffing firm. John became the chairperson of the newly formed company.

Diversant was first founded in 2005. The company boasts of being the largest African-American owned IT staffing firm in the US. Among the services, the firm offers include IT staff augmentation, IT staffing, direct hire, diversity products, and innovative solutions. The secret of the company’s success has been attributed to their consultative approach.

The company is rooted in understanding what their client base wants and by understanding their needs and challenges. It has led to the development of solution solving innovations. The name diversant is from the word diversity which is the core that drives this company. It strives to promote diversity throughout the American workplace.

It has taken sheer hard work and self-motivation to get Mr. John Goullet to be among the most respected IT consultants. The two companies aim at delivering effective and highly-efficient staffing solutions to the industry. With such great individuals, Diversant with no doubt will rise to be among the largest companies in the world.

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The Self-Made Success of Malini Saba

While talking about the world’s top female investors who double as philanthropists, one name can never escape our minds. That is no one else other than Malini Saba, the founder of Saban, a company with numerous investment interests in many parts of the world. The company’s interests range from technology companies in the United States, real estate in India and Australia and oil and gas in China. There are many successful investors that we know, but many of them choose to keep all the money for themselves. Saba is among those who have chosen to impact the society by donating to various causes.

Although the perception of women and children in the society has significantly changed, much remains to be done. In 2001, Saba launched a non-profit organization known as Stree: Global Investments in Women. She founded the organization with the aim of changing the way at-risk and low-income women and children across the world perceive themselves and their societal roles.

Former United States President Bill Clinton and Jordanian Queen Noor took part in the inauguration of the organization. Stree offers women access to better healthcare and legal empowerment. It also provides unique forum movements at the grassroots to link with public policy in Eastern Europe, Africa, India and Central America.

Saba has supported many charities including Heart Research Center for South Asians. The center was first of its kind and Saba donated $1 million to kick-start the project. In 2004, Sri Lanka and some parts of India were hit by an earthquake, she visited the affected areas and pledged $10 million to the victims in Sri Lanka.

The Career of Malini Saba

Malini Saba was born in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Sri Lankan parents. She grew up in Australia in a middle-class household. Aged 19, Saba moved to the United States. When she entered the country, she only had $200 the amount she was to survive on. It is tough times that taught her determination that has earned her success.

One day, Saba gate-crashed a gathering of investment bankers at the Stanford University Campus. She talked to some of them who gave her the tips of investing.

Saba started her investment career as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley in the 1990s. Today, she has investments in more than 20 technology companies that include PayPal, Sycamore Networks and Netscreen Technologies. She also has gone beyond the United States to invest in Asia and South America.