Securus Technologies Providing Indigenous Solutions to the Correctional Agencies

The companies in the correctional sphere are facing significant competition these days as the need for advanced correctional technologies has increased drastically in recent years. The companies have to make sure that the law enforcement and correctional agencies are continuously supplied with the latest technologies, else the criminals would succeed in their mischievous plans and activities. It would lead to increase in crime rate, which would make our society a dangerous place to live in. Securus Technologies is known as one of the leading suppliers of criminal justice and correctional technologies and has been providing cutting-edge technologies to the industry since 1986.


In the field of technology, innovation plays a vital role. Any technology firm that develops innovative and ground-breaking technique is the one that would come out on top. It is what the case is with the Securus Technologies. The company has invested hundreds of millions into developing new technologies, and it has helped the correctional sphere to become much safer and secure. The crime rate has decreased drastically with the implementation of the technologies provided by Securus Technologies. The company believes that it is essential for the correctional facilities to use advanced technologies if it wants to keep the inmates and the officers safe. As the inmates and the criminals are also using advanced technologies these days, it is necessary that the correctional agencies stay a step ahead and use the latest technology available.


Recently, Securus Technologies rolled out one of the most advanced technologies in the correctional sphere named the drone detection technology. As more and more incidents are surfacing of drones being used to supply the contraband items inside the prison, it is essential that the security measures are implemented that would stop drones from entering the prison premises. As the prison premise is vast and drones of very small sizes have also entered the market, it is impossible to detect and stop the drones manually. In many of the cases, the drones have been used by the criminals to supply weapons and drugs as well inside the prison, which is dangerous.


Securus Technologies has already started the pilot program of drone detection technology, and more and more prisons are expected to begin installing this technology. The company has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which speaks a lot about the technology and the services offered by the company. The customer service of the company is also top notch and has recently received three Gold Stevie Awards in 2018. The primary objective of the company is to ensure that the correctional sphere continues to get the technology it needs to provide inmates, correctional officers, and their families, safety, security, and convenience, without having to spend a fortune.