Who Is Rodrigo Terpins And Why Does It Matter?

Rally driver and businessman Rodrigo Terpins is becoming an international household name and he’s why:

Rodrigo Terpins is currently 41 years old but has accomplished more than most people in their 70s. Rodrigo Terpins can be seen driver a MEM Motorsports T-Rex, he is a regular participant of Prototype TI group. Rodrigo placed 8th in the 22nd sertoes rally. He also paricipated in the Bull Sertoes Rally finishing with his partner Fabricio Manchiana in just 58 minutes and 9 seconds, gaining the rank of 6th place. Rodrigo even competes in international evens, in 2011 Rodrigo participated in the Mitsubishi Cup Championship Terpins also has experience in sales. This article will provide the reading with some background information on the life of Rodrigo Terpins.

Rodrigo Terpins is said to get his competitive edge from his father. Terpin’s father was an engineer, basket ball player and sports team leader. The talent and drive must run in the family because even today, Rodrigo is not alone in the pursuit of this passion. Both Rodrigo and his brother Michae Terpins are world renowned rally drivers. The Rodrigo Brothers are known to participate as teammates Prototype TI races which are some of Brazil’s largest and most challenging off roading events. The rally covers over 1600 miles, spanning over 2 different states.

Terpins was previously employed as Director of Operations of Marisa SA, which is a Brazillian fashion chain store operating out of Sao Paulo that primarily focuses on woman’s clothing, reveals agenciaoglobo.com. Rodrigo Terpins had a leadership role in this company as head of strategic planning and e-commerce.

Although Rodrigo has accomplished many accolades projections for his career are very positive. Rodrigo’s peers only expect him to improve and attract more fans. Rodrigo’s next race is in Mato Grosso, it is going to be covering over two thousand miles and hundreds of spectators are expected to show up.